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Commentary on Adaptive Learning
Debbie Denise Reese with Commentary by Joseph M. Scandura

Whether the adaptive learning systems of the future harbor benign, malevolent, or beneficent intent; I expect they will rather accurately and ubiquitously monitor individual cognitive, physical, and affective changes. Such systems would seamlessly integrate diverse components, such as simulations, instructional games, and tutors. Real-time physical monitoring is already integrated within a significant segment of contemporary culture (e.g., fitness apps). However, we have much to master before adaptive learning systems can ubiquitously foster, measure, and report learning and affective changes. Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning’s special issue (TICL, Volume 11–1) featured three experts in adaptive learning systems. Articles by Robert Sottilare, John Fletcher, and Joseph Scandura summarized decades of research and development.

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