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Supporting Self-Regulated Learning with gStudy Software: The Learning Kit Project
Philip H. Winne, John C. Nesbit, Vive Kumar, Allyson F. Hadwin, Susanne P. Lajoie, Roger Azevedo and Nancy E. Perry

We assume learners mediate instruction and self-regulate learning. To gather fine-grained time-sequenced data that trace these processes, the Learning Kit Project is developing software, called gStudy. Using cognitive tools in gStudy, learners can make notes, create glossaries, label and index content, construct concept maps, search for information, chat and collaborate, and receive coaching. Each of gStudy’s tools is designed on the basis of prior research to scaffold learning and help learners enhance self-regulated learning as they investigate study tactics and learning strategies. We describe the software’s features and survey some of its foundations in research.

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