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Ontology-Based Educational Modelling — Making IMS-LD Visual
Gilbert Paquette

This article analyses educational modelling with the IMS-LD specification from the perspective of knowledge-based learning environments. An extension of the MOT visual language covers a wider variety of rule formats to provide control of the flow of activities in a multi-actor process-based scenario. The visual scenarios are executed by an ontology-driven player that constructs from it a web interface enabling interactions between actors and with activities and resources proposed in the scenario. Besides this first use of ontology modelling, domain ontologies, extended by competency statements, serve to reference actors, activities and resource semantically, thus providing a foundation for the design and delivery of knowledge-based learning environments.

Keywords: Educational Modelling, Visual Scenarios, Instructional Engineering, IMS-LD specification, Ontology-Driven Tools and Systems, Knowledge-based Learning Environments.

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