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Implementing Quality Standards for Knowledge-Intensive Organizations
Jan M. Pawlowski and Kati I. Clements

Quality standards are widely discussed and requested in particular in knowledge-intensive domains, such as the service industry and in particular education. However, no quality standard for this domain has gained a wide adoption or common acceptance yet. This paper shows a classification of quality standards. The classification supports decision makers as well as users to choose appropriate quality standards for their context. The context of this paper is quality development using Open Education Repositories. A focus is the implementation process taking barriers against quality management into account. We show a mix of methods and mechanisms to increase quality and to create quality based on trust. The paper shows a sample case study of how to combine different standards, combining quality aspects from an organizational, product- and user-driven point of view.

Keywords: Quality Standards, Organizational Quality, ISO/IEC 19796, Quality Adaptation Model, Individual Quality.

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