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Motivationally Intelligent Educational Systems: The Contribution of the Human Centred Technology Research Group
Benedict Du Boulay

This paper describes educational systems built by members of the Human-Centred Technology Research Group at the University of Sussex that address different aspects of motivation. These systems have been described elsewhere, so this paper is essentially a drawing together of existing work. In particular, we have recently set out a view of motivation, distinguishing different kinds of intelligent educational system including the cognitive, the metacognitive, the affective and the meta-affective, as well as the motivational, and indeed the meta-motivational. The body of the paper gives brief descriptions of eight systems that have operated across a range of domains but always reasoning at a level beyond the cognitive. In each case the evaluation of the system is described, and not all functioned as their designers had expected. The paper concludes with questions and lines of future research.

Keywords: Intelligent Tutoring, Motivation, Metacognition, Affect, Tutoring Strategies.

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