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A Dynamically Adaptive TutorIT Tutorial in Basic Statistics
Elena Nowak

This study examined the effectiveness of a dynamically adaptive TutorIT tutorial for graduate students’ learning of basic statistical skills and their attitudes toward this tutorial. Fifteen in-service teachers interacted with the tutorial. As hypothesized, all who completed the tutorial demonstrated mastery. However, the class differed dramatically in their readiness for the material. 46.6% of the teachers could not finish the tutorial. The tutorial completion rates were considerably lower among teachers with a non-mathematical background. A follow-up analysis of the tutorial question difficulty ratings revealed that higher thinking level questions were too complex. Future research should represent the knowledge to-be-acquired hierarchically to make contact with the weakest student prerequisites.

Keywords: TutorIT, EZauthor, AuthorIT, intelligent tutoring systems, adaptive learning, dynamically adaptive tutoring systems, learning statistics

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