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Transgenics Today
Julius M. Cruse and Robert E. Lewis Jr.

Prolonged Delivery of Transgene Products to Specific brain Regions by Migratory Astrocyte Grafts

Lennart Mucke and Edward M. Rockenstein

CAT Induces Encephalomyelitis in MBP-CAT Transgenic Mice Expressing CAT in Oligodendrocytes
Thomas R. Esch, Robin Miskimins and Ellen Heber-Katz

Neuroendocrine Function in Transgenic Mice with the Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase/Human Growth Hormone (PEPCK/hGH) Hybrid Gene and Very High Peripheral Levels of hGH
R.W. Steger, A. Bartke, J.S. Yun and T.E. Wagner

Transgenic Animals: From Growth Hormone to Knockouts

Glenn M. Monastersky

Expression of the VpreB/g5/m Pseudo-Ig Complex Correlates with Downregulated RAG-1 Expression and V(D)J Type Recombinaton: A Mechanism for Allelic Exclusion at the IgH Locus

Steven R. Bauer and Richard H. Scheuermann

The bcl-2-Immunoglobulin Transgenic Mouse: A Model of the t(14;18) Translocation in Human Follicular Lymphoma

Timothy J. McDonnell

What Have MHC Transgenic Models Taught Us About Immunological Tolerance?
Daniel M. Altmann

Transcriptional Regulatory Elements for Constitutive and IFN-g Inducible Expression of HLA-DRB1
Richard K. Vehe, Jo San Chung, Gerald T. Nepom and Barbara S. Nepom

Electron Microscopy and Lectin Binding Patterns Demonstrate Multiple Origins of Cysts in a Transgenic Model of Polycystic Kidney

Roberto Barrios, David L. Schaffner, Luan Truong, Russell M. Bebovitz and Michael W. Lieberman

Spontaneous Amplification of a Foreign Dihydrofolate Reductase Gene in Transgenic Mice

Jon W. Gordon and Luis M. Isola

Two Distinct Gene Products Mediate y+ Type Cationic Amino Acid Transport in Xenopus Oocytes and Show Different Tissue Expression Patterns
Donald K. Kakuda, Kim D. Finley, Vincent E. Dionne and Carol L. Macleod

A Yeast Hexokinase Transgene Decreases Pancreatic Insulin and Transiently Reduces Diabetes
M.E. Voss-McCowan, S. Bonner-Weir, L.M. Klevay and P.N. Epstein

Recombinant Single Chain Himan Antibodies to HIV-1 gp160
William V. Williams, Daniel E. McCallus, Daniel Eldridge, Michael Satre, Alexis P. Godillot, Qiong Fang, Ian Frank, Elizabeth A. O’Donnell and David B. Weiner

Growth Allometry of Transgenic Mice Expressing the Mouse Metallothionein-I/Bovine Growth Hormone Gene

Marcelo Cecim, Andrzej Bartke, Jeung G. Yun and Thomas E. Wagner