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Transcriptional Regulatory Elements in Nonhuman Primate MHC-DQB Genes
Lakshmi K. Gaur, Linda M. Shewey, Danielle Sharkey-Mathis and Gerald T. Nepom

B6D2F1–an Improved Mouse Hybrid Strain for the Production of ES Cell Germ Line Chimeras

Karin Wertz and Ernst-Martin Fuchtbauer

Gene Trap Integrations in Genes Active in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Efficiently Detect Developmentally Regulated Gene Expression
Karin Schuster-Gossler, Jochen Zachgo, Raija Soininen, Michael Schoor, Reinhard Korn and Achim Gossler

Comparison of Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Injection of Constitutive and Nontranscribed Plasmids into Bovine Oocytes: Expression and Degradation After Activation and Fertilization
Marc Gagne, Francois Pothier and Marc-Andre Sirard

Expression of a Plant Catalase Gene in Transgenic Mice
Lingquang Guan

Mammary Gland-Specific Expression of Bovine as1-Casein-Derived Transgenes in Mice
Raymond A. Clarke, Deborah Sokol, Nola Rigby, Kevin Ward, James D. Murray and Anthony G. Mackinlay

Rules and Guidelines for Genetic Nomenclature in Mice: Excerpted Version–March 1994
Muriel T. Davisson

Murine Thymidine Kinase in Transgenic Mice
Dae Kee Lee, Woong Sun, Changduck Kim, Kunsoo Rhee, E. Aubrey Thompson, Chung Choo Lee, Wan Kyoo Cho and Kyungjin Kim