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Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Bearing a Signal Peptide Transforms Fibroblasts in Culture but Restricts Fibroma Growth in Brain
Elizabeth K. Speliotes, Ming X. Wei, Jens Weise, Christina Fleet, Tuyen Do, Bilal Shanti, E. Antonio Chiocca, Seth P. Finkleston and Xandra O. Breakfield

Characteristics and Immunomodulatory Properties of Human Heuroblstoma Cells After Retrovirus-mediated Gene Transfer of the Cytokine Genes IL-2 and IFN-g
C. COze, K. Aalto-Setala, M. Brenner, Y. Chiang, R. Gangavalli and T. Leimig

Effects of High Level Constitutive Expression of Transgenic CD8a on Thymic Selection
John W. Chamberlain, Rho H. Seong, Chen W. Liaw, Sara Michie and Jane R. Parnes

P53, MDM-2 and IGF-II in Hepatocellular Carcinomas Induced by Carcinogen Exposure of Hepatitis B Transgenic Mice
Luoquan Wang, Zoran Ilic and Stewart Sell

Selective Expression of the lacZ Gene Driven by the 2.3 kb Neurofilament Light Chain Promoter during Early Neural Development of Transgenic Mice
Marc Le Bert, Claudine Evrard, Francois Gros and Pierre Rouget

Livers of Mice Transgenic fro Human CD46 are Protected from Human Complement Attack
Lubbertus C.F. Mulder, Eugenia Ciccopiedi, Marirosa Mora, Sandra Nuti, Giovanni Marinucci, Mammimo Lazzeri, Cristina Melli, Marta Marchetti, Apolo Bruzzone, Dario Alfani, Raffaello Cortesini and Mara Rossini

Sequence Analysis of Transgene-Transgene Junctions Following Microinjection of Mouse Oocytes
Margot Kearns, Graham Robertson and Emma Whitelaw

Genetic Ablation of Osteoblasts Causes Osteopenia withoug Affecting Osteoclastogenesis in Transgenic Mice
Norihiro Tada, Tohru Ikeda, Masahiro Sato, Kazuyuki Kitamura, Takashi Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Kasai and Katsuiku Hirokawa

Plasmids Containing a Murine Autonomous Replicating Sequence in Transgenic Mice: Function as an Origin of Replication, but Inability to Persist in an Episomal State
Simon J.H. Hettle, Ewan R. Cameron, Carolyn S. Johnston, Michael J.A. Harvey and David E. Onions

High Efficiency of Animal Cell DNA Transfection Using Poly-L Ornithine in Optimized Conditions
Mustaoha Lemnaouar, Marco Cajero-Juarez and Louis-Marie Houdebine