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Identification of Hoxa4 Regulatory Elements Through Sequencing and Deletion Analysis of a Hoxa4/LacZ Transgene
David A. Crotty, Alan I. Packer and Debra J. Wolgemuth

Testis-Mediated Gene Transfer (TMGT) in Mice: Attempts to Improve TMGT Using Commercially Available Reagents Used for Gene Transfer in Mammalian Culture System
Masahiro Sato, Toshiteru Watanabe, Yukiko Yasuoka, Hisako Kodama and Minoru Kimura

Mammary Synthesis of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I in Transgenic Mice: Milk Composition and Growth of Suckling Pups
M.S. Weber, P.L. Boyle, B.A. Corl, E.A. Wong, F.C. Gwazdauskas and R.M. Akers

Assembly of Cholera Toxin-Antigen Fusion Proteins in Transgenic Potato
Jie Ty, Takeshi Arakawa, D.K.X. Chong and William H.R. Langridge

An Efficient Way for Genotyping p53 and p27 Deficient Mice: PCR with Ear Punch and Tail DNA
Chuanwei Yang

Synthesis and Assembly of Cholera Holotoxin in Potato Plants
Daniel K.X. Chong and William H.R. Langridge

Expression Mammary Gland-Specific of the Goat b-Lactoglobulin Gene Comprising a 410 bp-Long Promoter in Transgenic Mice
Ramona N. Pena, Elena Ibanez, Josep M. Folch, Francesca Vidal, Armand Sanchez and Josep Santalo

Transgenic Mice Carrying a Gene for Green Fluorescent Protein Fused to a Lytic Peptide, Shiva 1, Under Control of the Bovine b-Casein Regulatory Region
Charoensri Thonabulsombat, William A. Reed, Johm D. Morrey, Katherine Bates, Ross A. Smart and Kenneth L. White

Human b-Casein Gene Expression in Transgenic Tomato Plants
Yoedono Sovyanhadi, Takeshi Arakawa and William H.R. Langridge

A Transgenic Mouse Model of Age and Gender Associated Inflammation
W.C. Ladiges, G.M. Filley, J.F. Morton, R.P. Harrington, P.M. Treuting and M. Poot

Development of Cystic Renal Disease in Interleukin-3 Transgenic Mice
Diana Ramirez Bergeron, Richard K. Barth and Charlotte K. Ryan

Expression of a Human CD40 Ligand Transgene in CD40 Ligand-Deficient Mice
Ping-Xia Zhang, Elizabeth Cooper, Regina Loomis, Richard A. Flavell and Ramsay L. Fuleihan

A Cryopreservation Procedure for One-Cell and Two-Cell Stage Transgenic Rat Embryos
Severine Monoret, Miguel Jean, Laurent Tesson, Jean-Paul Soulillou, Igancio Anegon and Beatrice Charreau

Partial Characterisation of a Minichromosome Derived from Human Chromosome 13
Giulia Malferrari, Bianca Castiglioni, Mariano Rocchi, Vittorio Sgaramella and Ida Biunno