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Technical Note
DNA Polymerase Exhibits Long Term Stability at Elevated Temperatures
James J. Youngblom

Optimase (DNA) Polymerase (Transgenomic, Inc.) is a thermostable DNA polymerase. This report investigated the storage of Optimase Polymerase at 4 different temperatures. It has often been reported that the enzymes associated with recombinant DNA research rapidly lose activity if they are held at temperatures warmer than – 20°C. Optimase Polymerase demonstrated unexpected stability. This enzyme was active after 33 days incubation at 37°C and after 3 months at room temperature (~21°C). These findings, coupled with previous results, indicate the need for a reevaluation of current practices with regard to the storage and shipping of enzymes commonly used in the recombinant DNA laboratory. In particular the practice of transporting enzymes from the vendor to the client via an overnight courier in a dry ice packed Styrofoam container, would seem to be unnecessary in most cases. Altering this practice could save money for all enzyme users, but would be especially beneficial to those users in nations particularly far removed from the manufacturers of the enzymes.

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