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p. 1-2
Parallel Perspectives
By Joan Marter and Margaret Barlow
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p. 3-32
Portraits, Issues, Insights
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3 Alice Neel and Me
By Mary D. Garrard

8 Alice Neel’s Women from the 1970s: Backlash to Fast Forward
By Pamela Allara

12 Alice Neel As An Abstract Painter
By Mira Schor

17 Revisitingwomanhouse: Welcome to the (Deconstructed) Dollhouse
By Temma Balducci

24 Nancy Spero’s Museum Incursions: Isis On the Threshold
By Deborah Frizzell

p. 33-68
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33 Reclaiming Female Agency: Feminist Art History after Postmodernism Edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard
Reviewed by Ute L. Tellini

37 The Lost Tapestries of the City of Ladies: Christine De Pizan’s Renaissance Legacy By Susan Groag Bell
Reviewed by Laura Rinaldi Dufresne

40 Intrepid Women: Victorian Artists Travel Edited by Jordana Pomeroy
Reviewed by Alicia Craig Faxon

41 Eve’s Daughter/Modern Woman: A Mural by Mary Cassatt By Sally Webster
Reviewed by Caroline I. Harris

44 Off the Pedestal: New Women in the Art of Homer, Chase, and Sargent Edited by Holly Pyne Connor
Reviewed by Donna Gustafson

47 Framing Women Edited by Sandra Carroll, Birgit Pretzsch and Peter Wagner
Reviewed by Melissa Percival

49 Georgia O’Keeffe: Catalogue Raisonné By Barbara Buhler Lynes
Reviewed by Sascha Scott

51 Women Potters, Transforming Traditions Bymoira Vincentelli Rustic Cubism, Anne Dangar and the Art Colony at Moly-Sabata By Bruce Adams
Magdalene Odundo Edited by Anthony Slayter-Ralph
Reviewed by Pamela H. Simpson

54 Wild Girls—Paris, Sappho & Art: The Lives & Loves of Natalie Barney & Romaine Brooks By Diana Souhami
Reviewed by Cassandra Langer

56 My Love Affair with Modern Art: Behind the Scenes with a Legendary Curator By Katharine Kuh
Reviewed by Karen Bearor

59 Tina Modotti & Edward Weston: The Mexico Years By Sarah M. Lowe
Tina Modotti By Margaret Hooks
Reviewed by Robin Rice

62 Between Union and Liberation: Women Artists in South Africa 1910-1994 Edited by Marion Arnold and Brenda Schmahmann
Reviewed by Elizabeth Rankin

65 Dialogues: Women Artists From Ireland By Katy Deepwell
Reviewed by Patricia Briggs

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