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p. 1-2
In Memorium
Pamela Hemenway Simpson (1946 – 2011)

p. 3-38
Portraits, Issues, Insights

3 Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, Empowered by American Art: An Artist’s Journey
By Donna Stein

10 Mandana Moghaddam: Chelgis II and the Iranian Woman
By Somayeh Noori Shirazi

17 Minna Citron’s “Feminanities”: Her Commentary on the Culture of Vanity
By Jennifer L. Streb

25 The Curious Case of the Two Mrs. Sloans
By Alexis L. Boylan

32 Progress Illuminated: Two Stained Glass Windows from the 1893 Woman’s Building
By Charlene G. Garfinkle

p. 39-64

39 Dancing With the Dark: Joan Snyder Prints, 1963-2010 By Marilyn Symmes and Faye Hirsch
Reviewed by Gretchen Wagner

41 Nancy Holt: Sightlines Edited by Alena J. Williams, essays by Pamela Lee, Lucy R. Lippard, et al.
Reviewed by Christine Filippone

44 Michelle Stuart: Sculptural Objects, Journeys In & Out of the Studio By Michelle Stuart, essay by Lucy Lippard
Reviewed by Robin Rice

46 Of What One Cannot Speak: Doris Salcedo’s Political Art By Mieke Bal
Reviewed by Robert J. Belton

48 Hannah Wilke By Nancy Princenthal
Reviewed by Mary Caroline Simpson

50 Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter By Patricia Albers
Reviewed by Virginia Allison Harbin

52 Double Solitaire: The Surreal Worlds of Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy Essays by Stephen Robeson Miller and Jonathan Stuhlman
Reviewed by Janet A. Kaplan

53 Man Ray / Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism By Phillip Prodger, Essays by Lynda Roscoe Hartigan and Antony Penrose
Reviewed by Salomon Grimberg

55 Marie-Louise von Motesiczky 1906-1996: A Catalog Raisonné of the Paintings By Ines Schlenker
Reviewed by Carmen Stonge

56 Harriet Hosmer, A Cultural Biography By Kate Culkin
Races of Mankind, The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman By Marianne Kinkel
Reviewed by Jennifer Wingate

57 Women Building History: Public Art at the 1893 Columbian Exposition By Wanda M. Corn
Reviewed by Betsy Fahlman

59 Empress Maria-Theresa and the Politics of Habsburg Imperial Art By Michael Yonan
Empress Eugénie and the Arts: Politics and Visual Culture in the Nineteenth Century By Alison McQueen
Reviewed by Olivia Gruber Florek

62 Brunelleschi’s Egg: Nature, Art, and Gender in Renaissance Italy By Mary D. Garrard
Reviewed by Marjorie Och

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