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p. 1-2
Parallel Perspectives
By Joan Marter and Margaret Barlow
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p. 3-49
Portraits, Issues, Insights
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3 Patricia Johanson: The Layered Landscape, Discovered and Recovered
By Elaine Slater

12 May Sun: Site, Metaphor and Excavated Histories
By Donna Stein

20 Zilia Sánchez, Maríamagdalena Campos-Pons, and Glenda León—Three Cuban Artists, Three Generations, Three Perspectives
By Joyce Beckenstein

29 Sandra Lerner—The Particle and the Wave: Metaphysical Landscapes, Taoism, and the Calligraphic Impulse
By Aliza Edelman

38 Teresa Żarnower: Bodies and Buildings
By Adrian Anagnost

p. 50-68
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50 Vigée Le Brun By Joseph Baillio, Katherine Baetjer, and Paul Lang
Reviewed by Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

52 Picturing Marie Leszczinska 1703-1768: Representing Queenship in 18th-Century France By Jennifer Germann
Reviewed by Tara Zanardi

54 Valadon, Utrillo & Utter: in the Rue Cortot Studio, 1912–1926 Edited by Saskia Ooms, et al.
Reviewed by Lauren Jimerson

55 Germaine Krull By Michel Frizot
Reviewed by Ann Albritton

56 Women, Workers, and Race in LIFE Magazine: Hansel Mieth’s Reform Photojournalism, 1934–1955 By Dolores Flamiano
Reviewed by Helen Langa

58 The Ukranian Diaspora Women Artists, 1908–2015 Essay by Adrienne Kochman
Reviewed by Bojana Videkanic

60 American Women Artists, 1935–1970 Edited by Helen Langa and Paula Wisotzki
Reviewed by Betsy Fahlman

62 The Drawings of Barbara Hepworth By Alan Wilkinson
Reviewed by Jennifer Griffiths

63 Niki de Saint Phalle, 1930–2002 Edited by Camille Morineau
Reviewed by Cécile Whiting

65 “The Heroine Paint” After Frankenthaler Edited by Katy Siegel
Reviewed by Ellen G. Landau

67 Simone Forti: Thinking with the Body By Sabine Breitwieser et al.
Reviewed by Jayne Wark

Color Plates
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