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p. 1-2
Parallel Perspectives
By Joan Marter and Margaret Barlow

p. 3-39
Portraits, Issues and Insights

3 Frida Kahlo and Aurora Reyes, Painting to the Voice of Concha Michel
By Dina Comisarenco Mirkin

14 Dangerous Portraits? Lotte Jacobi’s Photos of Uzbek and Tajik Women
By Rose-Carol Washton Long

24 Sally Mann, Looking at Him—An Exploration of Marital Intimacy and the Vulnerability of White Masculinity
By Ayelet Carmi

34 Vivien Collens: The Art of Serious Play
By Jared Rankin

p. 40-64

40 Berthe Morisot By Jean-Dominique Rey; Berthe Morisot: Woman Impressionist Edited by Sylvie Patry, essays by Cindy Kang et al
Reviewed by Therese Dolan

46 City of Women: Female Artists in Vienna from 1900 to 1938 (Stadt der
Frauen: Künstlerinnen in Wein, 1900–1938) Edited by Stella Rollig and
Sabine Fellner
Reviewed by Roberta K. Tarbell

47 Kay Sage, Catalogue Raisonné By Stephen Robeson Miller, Edited by Jessie Sentivan
Reviewed by Salomon Grimberg

49 A Dream and a Chisel: Louisiana Sculptor Angela Gregory in Paris,
1925–1928 By Angela Gregory and Nancy l. Penrose
Reviewed by Gabrielle Rose-Curti

50 Anni Albers Edited by Ann Coxon, Briony Fer and Maria Müller-Scharek
Reviewed by Barbara Stehle

52 Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan,
Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement that Changed Modern Art By Mary Gabriel
Reviewed by Ellen G. Landau

53 All-Women Art Spaces in Europe in the Long 1970s Edited by Agata Jakubowska and Katy Deepwell
Reviewed by Ksenia Nouril

56 Rosana Paulino: The Sewing of Memory By Valéria Piccoli and Pedro Nery
Reviewed by Talita Trizoli

57 Joan Jonas Edited by Julienne Lorz and Andrea Lissoni
Reviewed by Liz Kim

58 Howardena Pindell: What Remains To Be Seen Edited by Naomi Beckwith and Valerie Cassell Oliver
Reviewed by Heather E. Mathews

61 Becoming Mary Sully: Toward an American Indian Abstract By Philip J. Deloria
Reviewed by Cynthia Fowler

62 We Wanted a Revolution—Black Radical Women, 1965–85: New Perspectives Edited by Catherine Morris and Rujeko Hockley
Reviewed by Deborah Frizzell

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