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p. 2
Parallel Perspectives
By Joan Marter And Aliza Edelman
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p. 3-42
Portraits, Issues and Insights
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p. 3
Beyond Representation: The Evolution of Embodied Experience in Shirin Neshat’s Early Art
By Erin Devine

p. 13
Curdling the Photographic Image: Ana Mendieta’s Silueta
By Philip Kelleher

p. 22
Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman: Feminist Collaboration and Domestic Disruption
By Joanna Gardner-Huggett

p. 33
From The Empty Dress to the Advent of the Goddess: Maemoto Shōko, 1980s to the Present
By Kokatsu Reiko

p. 43-73
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p. 43
Dragging Away: Queer Abstraction in Contemporary Art By Lex Morgan Lancaster; Jennifer Packer: The Eye is Not Satisfied with Seeing Edited by Melissa Blanchflower and Natalia Grabowska
Reviewed by Sarah Louise Cowan

p. 46
Black Matrilineage, Photography, and Representation: Another Way of Knowing Edited by Lesly Deschler Canossi and Zoraida Lopez-Diago
Reviewed by Megan Driscoll

p. 49
Re-Assembling Motherhood(s): On Radical Care and Collective Art as Feminist Practices By Maternal Fantasies; edited by Sascia Bailer, Magdalena Kallenberger, and Maicyra Leão Teles e Silva
Reviewed by Yang Li

p. 52
Barbara Chase-Riboud Monumentale: The Bronzes Edited by Stephanie Weissberg; I Always Knew: A Memoir by Barbara Chase-Riboud
Reviewed by Nika Elder

p. 54
Consuelo Jimenez Underwood: Art, Weaving, Vision Edited by Laura E. Pérez and Ann Marie Leimer
Reviewed by Matthew Simms

p. 57
Hung Liu: Portraits of Promised Lands Edited by Dorothy Moss
Reviewed by Meng Yi and Jane Chin Davidson

p. 59
Women in Abstraction Edited by Christine Macel and Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska
Reviewed by Sarah Humphreville

p. 61
The New Woman Behind the Camera By Andrea Nelson, with contributions by Mia Fineman, Elizabeth Cronin, Mila Ganeva, Kristen Gresh, Elizabeth Otto, Kim Sichel, and others
Reviewed by Lauren Cesiro

p. 64
Florine Stettheimer: A Biography By Barbara Bloemink
Reviewed by Heather Hole

p. 66
The Age of Undress: Art, Fashion, and the Classical Ideal in the 1790s By Amelia Rauser
Reviewed by Theresa Kutasz Christensen

p. 68
Artemisia Gentileschi and Feminism in Early Modern Europe By Mary D. Garrard
Reviewed by Adelina Modesti

p. 71
Lavinia Fontana: Trailblazer, Rule Breaker By Aoife Brady, with contributions by Babette Bohn and Jonquil O’Reilly
Reviewed by Catherine R. Puglisi

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