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Low-Interference Topology Control for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Kousha Moaveni-Nejad and Xiang-Yang Li

Topology control has been well studied in wireless ad hoc networks. However, only a few topology control methods take into account the low interference as a goal of their methods. Some researchers tried to reduce the interference by lowering node energy consumption (i.e. by reducing the transmission power) or by devising low degree topology controls, but none of those protocols can guarantee low interference. Recently, Burkhart et al. [3] proposed several methods to construct topologies whose maximum link interference is minimized while the topology is connected or is a spanner for Euclidean length. In this paper we give algorithms to construct a network topology for wireless ad hoc networks such that the maximum (or average) link (or node) interference of the topology is either minimized or approximately minimized.

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