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Below is a list of papers that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in AHSWN but have not yet been assigned to an issue and are awaiting final changes before going to press. Articles will not be published until they have been assigned and final proofs have been approved by their author or authors.

Towards an Efficient Monitoring in Multi-hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Nadia Battat, Abdallah Makhoul and Hamamache Kheddouci

Distributed Multi-Pipeline Scheduling with Low Collisions in Low-Duty-Cycle Sensor Networks with Unreliable Communication Links
Chan Jiang, Junbin Liang and Taoshen Li

QoS-Aware Minimum Cost Routing Algorithm for Wireless Body Area Networks
Bhanumathi V and Sangeetha C P

A Novel and Efficient Blocking Scheme for Multiple Tag Identifications in a Large Scale RFID System
Chuan-Gang Liu, Yu-Min Huo, I-Hsien Liu, Heng-Hua Liu, Chu-Fen Li and Jung-Shian Li

An Optimal Management Modelling of Energy Harvesting and Transfer for IoT-based
RF-enabled Sensor Networks
Shaik Shabana Anjum, Rafidah Md Noor, Ismail Ahmedy, Mohammad Hossein Anisi, Saaidal Razalli Azzuhri, Miss Laiha Mat Kiah, Jaime Lloret, Pradeep Kumar

An Enhanced Optimal Fair Exchange Protocol for Enhancing Security and Authenticity in a Three-tier WBAN Architecture
Siva Bharathi K R and Venkateswari R

Optimized Time Synchronized Multilayer MAC Protocol for WSN Using Relay Nodes
Manju Khurana, Shivendra Shivani, Shailendra Tiwari, Bhisham Sharma, Mohammad S. Obaidat and Kuei-Fang Hsiao

Performance Analysis of Cooperative HARQ Strategies in Single-relay WSNs Based on Outage Probability
Fan Wang, Suoping Li, Jaafar Gaber and Daobing Wang

A Novel Identity-based Deniable Authentication Protocol Using Bilinear Pairings for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Daya Sagar Gupta, SK Ha zul Islam, Mohammad S. Obaidat and Kuei-Fang Hsiao

An Energy-Efficient Link Aware Routing Protocol for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
Parvinder Singh and Rajeshwar Singh

Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Modern Approaches for the Augmentation of QoS in Medical Body Sensor Network
Madhumita Kathuria and Sapna Gambhir