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A Reactive QoS Routing Protocol for MANET
Muhammad O. Farooq and Ghalib A. Shah

In this paper, we present an admission control with multi-path routing algorithm that establishes QoS enabled label switched paths. The algorithm provides rigorous QoS provisioning within the Differentiated Services (DiffServ) enabled mobile ad-hoc network. The proposed scheme works by merging the signaling with the routing messages. It directs QoS sensitive traffic on multiple paths provided that each path satisfies the QoS requirements of a flow. Decision for granting admission to the flow depends upon total available bandwidth (considering the interference range), minimum delay required by an application, and delay offered by the network in a given DiffServ class. Extensive simulations are performed to measure the effectiveness of the presented idea. It is observed that our scheme meets stringent QoS requirements of real time flows compared to the existing QoS models. Each admitted flow gets low delay, low jitter and almost guaranteed bandwidth.

Keywords: QoS, DiffServ, Admission Control, Label Switched Forwarding Table (LSFT)

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