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An Analysis of Capacity and Delay for the Redundant Multipath Source Routing in Ad hoc Networks
Lei Wang, Zhuxiu Yuan, Liang Shi, Cheng Jin and Chunlei Liu

Mobile ad hoc networks consist of nodes without any infrastructure and have a time-varying topology because of the nodes’ mobility. Therefore, the real-time service of on-demand routing protocol is necessary. To reduce the end-to-end delay of the network, we have proposed two efficient routing protocols: Multipath Source Routing (MSR) and Redundant Source Routing (RSR) in previous work.And simulations have shown good performances for supporting real-time services. In this paper we propose a new on demand routing protocol Redundant Multipath Source Routing (RMSR), which is an extension of MSR and RSR.We focus on the theoretical analysis of RMSR.We analyze the network capacity and the end-to-end queuing delay in RMSR by computing the number of active links in ad hoc networks. In comparison with Dynamic Source Routing, RMSR improves network delay from O(N) to O( log N), where N is the number of network nodes.

Keywords: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks; RMSR; Network Capacity; End-to-End Delay

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