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A 3-D Imaging Method Based on Radar Sensor Network Distributed Along Circular Geometry
Rui Min, Yiming Pi and Benjun Wang

In this paper, a method for three-dimensional imaging based on radar sensor network distributed uniformly along a circle is presented. This paper proposes a theory and its experimental demonstration of an imaging method using wavefront reconstruction technique. The proposed method deduces the wave number spectrum via the method of stationary phase and the numerical calculation, and compensates the effects of the phase components introduced by the radar’s trajectory to form reconstructed image, which avoids calculating the complicated Hankel function. This yields the two-dimensional slices of the three-dimensional target function at arbitrary altitudes. The feasibility of the proposed method was assessed using experimental data sets.

Sensor network, circular geometry, synthetic aperture, three-dimensional imaging, wavefront reconstruction technique, Hankel function

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