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A Light-Weight and Scalable Solution for Secure Routing in DSR MANET for Black Hole Attack
Mohanapriya M. and Ilango Krishnamurthi

A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic wireless network that can be formed without any centralized infrastructure. MANET relies on intermediate nodes for packet forwarding because of its dynamic topology. Black Hole attack which is a kind of Denial Of Service (DOS) attack is one of the major problems in ad hoc network security. In this paper we analyze the performance of Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) Protocol under Black Hole attack and propose a solution called Enhanced Dynamic Source Routing (EDSR) Protocol to detect it. Our technique is an ACK – based detection technique which is capable of finding whether data packets are reaching the destination or not, thus detecting black hole attacks. The experiment results show that our protocol is able to achieve routing security with 16% increase in packet delivery ratio and 31% reduction in packet loss rate when compared to standard DSR under black hole attack. Our technique is light weight because it doesn’t involve high computational complexity and also scalable because it achieves better packet delivery ratio than standard DSR in a network size of 200 nodes.

Keywords: Black hole attack, Cooperative black hole attack, Malicious Nodes, DOS attack, DSR routing protocol, Wireless Ad hoc Network.

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