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Service-Oriented Synergy Mechanism Among Multi-Devices in Ubiquitous Network
Shao-Yong Guo, Lan-Lan Rui, Xue-Song Qiu and Luo-Ming Meng

In ubiquitous stub environment, it is a critical challenge to select an optimal set of devices to supply high quality service constantly under the circumstance of dynamic characteristics of MANET and the limit of devices’ capacity. In this paper, a Multi-Devices Synergy problem is proposed with ubiquitous service model and network model. And then dimensionless processing method with multi-attribute decision making is proposed to deal with different users’ requirements. In addition, a service- oriented synergy approach among multi-devices is proposed to support three processes, including service requesting, multi-devices synergy set selecting and quality maintenance. At last, the simulation is implemented with OPNET and MATLAB and the result shows this mechanism is better applied to support complex ubiquitous services.

Keywords: Ubiquitous Service; Multi-Attribute Decision Making; Service- Oriented Synergy Approach; Ubiquitous Stub Environment

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