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Evaluation of Single Dimensional Sensor Network Implemented Using Slave-Slave Bridging in IEEE 802.15.4 Technology
Hamidreza Tavakoli, Jelena Mišic, Majid Naderi and Vojislav B. Mišic

In this paper, we analyze CSMA-CA access for interconnection of IEEE 802.15.4 beacon enabled network clusters using ordinary network nodes as bridge nodes. Bridge design involves uplink transmission to the coordinator and downlink transmission to the bridge. Bridge periodically visits upper and lower clusters and exchanges data using CSMACA access. We develop the queuing model for bridging algorithm and present numerically obtained performance results. The effects of different parameters of the bridging algorithm, i.e. event sensing reliability, number of clusters and bridging period, are investigated. Our analysis shows how parameters of clustering algorithm should be tuned in order to prolong the lifetime. Our results demonstrate fair distribution of lifetime of nodes which means that all nodes of a cluster will deplete their energy within short window of time.

Keywords: IEEE 802.15.4 beacon-enabled mode, slave-slave Bridge, sensing reliability, coefficient of variation, skewness, network lifetime, wireless sensor networks.

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