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Sink Privacy Protection with Minimum Network Traffic in WSNs
Bidi Ying, Dimitrios Makrakis and Hussein T. Mouftah

In a wireless sensor network, concealing the location privacy of the sink is critical. Location of the sink can be revealed (or at least guessed with a high probability of success) through traffic analysis. In this paper, we propose a Sink Privacy Protection (SPP) scheme that is capable of defending sink’s location privacy and identity when the network is subjected to traffic analysis attack. SPP designs the network’s area of coverage multiple spots generating traffic that resembles the traffic behavior that is expected to be observed in the area where the sink is located. To achieve this we select some sensors away from the actual sink to act as sink’s neighbors by generating dummy messages. Performance evaluation results prove that SPP can reduce energy cost while protecting sink’s location privacy.

Keywords: Sensor network; sink; location privacy.

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