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Hotspot: Location-based Forwarding Scheme in an Opportunistic Network
Sun-Kyum Kim, Jae-Ho Choi and Sung-Bong Yang

In an opportunistic network (OPPNET), the forwarding schemes for adhoc networks are not applicable since there is no complete path between the source and the destination node and relay nodes should store messages when no forwarding opportunity exists. Recently several proper schemes have been proposed in an OPPNET. Among them, flooding-based schemes result in very high network traffic and low transmission delay. On the other hand, wait-based schemes have long transmission delay instead of low network traffic. We propose a message forwarding scheme, called Hotspot-based Forwarding Scheme (HFS), to balance the level of network traffic and transmission delay using a floodings scheme only in a hotpot with the home-cell community-based mobility model (HCMM). Experiments have been performed on the network simulator NS-2. The results show that the proposed scheme balances network traffic and transmission delay in comparison to flooding-based schemes such as Epidemic, PRoPHET, SimBet and the a wait-based scheme such as Wait.

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