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An Energy Efficient Algorithm based on Cluster and Hop-tree for Single Mobile Sink in Event-driven Wireless Sensor Networks
Yalin Nie, Sanyang Liu, Zhibin Chen and Xiaogang Qi

For event-driven wireless sensor networks, clustering nodes is convenient for decreasing redundant data, building a good routing tree can further save energy on routing, and moving sink properly can shorten distance of data transmission and balance load. Combining the techniques above, this paper proposes an Energy Efficient Algorithm based on Cluster and Hoptree (EEACH) for single mobile sink in event-driven wireless sensor networks. It calculates a quasi-optimal position for the mobile sink at proper time according to event information, moves the mobile sink to the position efficiently without data loss, builds a network hop-tree and clusters nodes in a distributed manner with tolerable overhead, aggregates data within clusters, transmits data reliably, and maintains a unimpeded route structure effectively. It achieves the energy efficiency for both sink movement and data collection and prolongs network lifetime. Experiments show that EEACH can improve the performance of event-driven wireless sensor networks greatly.

Keywords: Event-driven; Wireless sensor networks; Hop-tree; Cluster; Mobile Sink; Quasi-optimal position

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