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A Lateration-localizing Algorithm for Energy-efficient Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
Vinh Tran-Quang, Thu Ngo-Quynh and Minho Jo

Target tracking systems, such as battlefield surveillance, wildlife monitoring and border security, need to meet certain real-time constraints in response to transient events, such as fast-moving targets. In addition, a tracking system also needs to address other important properties, such as energy consumption (due to limited power and the processing capability of sensor nodes) and tracking accuracy. In this work, we first propose a Lateration-localizing algorithm to estimate the trajectory of a dynamic target. Based on this Lateration scheme, we propose an energy efficient tracking method that achieves high tracking accuracy and low end-to-end delay. Finally, we present an analytical model and implement an extensive simulation to evaluate the performance of the proposed system. The results confirmed that our system associated with the simple linear estimator Lateration achieves better energy consumption and real time property compared to conventional Extended Kalman Filter while maintaining reasonable tracking accuracy.

Keywords: Energy efficiency, target tracking, lateration, estimation, Kalman filter, wireless sensor networks

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