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Self-Adaptive Practical Opportunistic Network-Coding Procedure for Static Wireless Mesh Networks
Kemal Alic and Ales Svigelj

This paper presents a novel, practical, routing-independent opportunistic network-coding procedure for wireless mesh networks where routers are static. Simplicity is its main benefit as it introduces little overhead to the network since nodes do not need to keep track of received traffic for their neighbouring nodes. Algorithm makes coding decisions based solely on the information about the packet’s previous and next hop node position. Automatic self-adaptation process adapts coding decisions parameters based on current traffic patterns and wireless link conditions. We evaluated the performance of the proposed procedure using for this purpose built simulation model, and compared it to a well-known COPE using different topologies and different traffic distributions and loads.

Keywords: Wireless Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, Network Architecture, Algorithms, Network Coding, Opportunistic Network Coding Performance, Design, Verification.

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