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Non-Cooperative Game Design for Distributed Control System with Long Delays
Lihan Liu, Zhuwei Wang, Ruizhe Yang, Wenjun Wu, Chao Fang and Hong Wu

In wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSANs), sensing and control signals between the plant and controllers are typically transmitted through a wireless ad hoc network. Thus, the network-induced delay plays an important role to the performance and stability of WSAN, especially with distributed controllers. In this paper, the optimal controller is derived for a distributed wireless control network with full state information and long network-induced delays. In particular, we formulate the optimal control problem as a non-cooperative linear quadratic game (LQG). Then, the optimal control strategy of each controller is obtained that is based on the current state and previous control strategies. The performances of the proposed algorithm are investigated by a generic stable system and an unstable linearized inverted pendulum system.

Keywords: Wireless sensor and actuator networks, non-cooperative game, distributed control, long network-induced delays

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