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Towards Trusted Green Computing for Wireless Sensor Networks: Multi Metric Optimization Approach
Rajkumar Singh Rathore, Suman Sangwan and Omprakash Kaiwartya

Energy is an astronomical issue in the WSNs environment because the sensor nodes are operated with a limited power battery. Hence, energy harvesting (EH) techniques are needed with the capability of harvesting energy from natural resources. But, lack of central authority, deployment issues, EH-WSNs are prone to security threats. This paper presents an energy-efficient, reliable multi-hop route selection algorithm in which security is based on the newly designed multi-trust model. The multi-trust model is formed by considering the multiple trust metrics. This research article includes the energy-efficient optimal clustering process consisting of cluster formation and dynamic optimal cluster head (CH) selection using hybrid adapted grey wolf sine cosine optimizer (HGWSCO) metaheuristic algorithm and further, the trusted CHs are selected by using the newly designed multi-trust model and later these trusted CHs are used in optimal secure route selection in multi-hop routing based on the novel hybrid adapted whale harris hawks optimizer (W-HHO) metaheuristic algorithm.

Keywords: WSNs, EH-WSNs, GWO, SCA, WOA, HHO, Multi Trust Model, Trust Metrics

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