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Modeling and Simulation of Fluidized Bed Bioreactor Using Liquid Phase Oxygen Utilization
C. M. Narayanan

Mathematical simulation of fluidized bed aerobic process that employs liquid phase oxygen (LPO) utilization is presented. Systems employing LPO have higher cost effectiveness and higher performance efficiency than conventional systems employing external air supply. Both FBBR (fluidized bed biofilm reactor, in which there is a specific rate of cell growth, but a constant cell mass concentration in biofilm) and immobilized cell fluidized bed reactor have been considered. Model equations (nonlinear differential equations) are solved numerically using a well-established algorithm NUMCM. Though iterative and demands a large computational load, the algorithm is stable and permits reliable estimation of design parameters. The numerical results obtained from the developed package have been compared with pilot plant data and not more than ±15 percent deviation has been observed.

Keywords: Fluidised bed bioreactor, biofilm reactor, immobilized cell reactor, liquid phase oxygen utilization, simulation model, software package

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