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Görtler Vortices and their Effect on Heat Transfer
Petr Sobolík, Jaroslav Hemrle, Sadanari Mochizuki, Akira Murata and Jirí Nozicka

The results of an experimental investigation of the effects of Görtler vortices on heat transfer from a uniformly heated concave wall of a rectangular duct to the air flow are reported. The experiments were performed in the range of Reynolds number based on the duct hydraulic diameter of 5×103<ReH<25×103. A hot wire anemometer and a thermocouple were used to scan the velocity and temperature distributions in planes perpendicular to the main flow. The wall temperature distribution was measured using embedded thermocouples and visualized with a thermochromic liquid crystal foil. Development of the Görtler vortices and their influence on local heat transfer characteristics and overall heat transfer enhancement are discussed.

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