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Numerical Study for Downward Flame Spread Over A Finite-Length PMMA with Radiation Effect
Wen-Kuei Chang, Chiun-Hsun Chen and Ton-Min Liou

The ignition delay and subsequent downward flame spread over a finite-length PMMA slab under an opposing flow with radiation effect are investigated using an unsteady combustion model. The variable parameters studied in this work are the opposing flow temperature and velocity and the solid fuel thickness, respectively. The major simulated results include the ignition delay time and flame spread rate. The influences of the variable parameters on the ignition delay time and the flame spread rate are discussed in detail in this paper. Additionally, the predictions of the present model are compared with the corresponding simulation of Wu et al. [2003] and the experimental measurement of Pan [1999]. The comparison shows that the simulated results of the present model are more similar to the experimental values because the several factors, such as enclosure, finite-length fuel plate and both gas and solid phase radiations are considered in the present study.

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