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Asymmetric Fluorescence Spectra of a Two-Level Atom with Off-Resonant Intense Mono- and Bi-Chromatic Fields in a Squeezed Vacuum
S.S Hassan, A. Joshi and O.M. Frege

Analytical expressions are derived for the steady state fluorescence spectrum of a single 2-level atom driven by an intense off-resonant monochromatic and bichromatic field in the presence of a broadband squeezed vacuum. The atomic transition frequency and the central frequency of both the squeezed vacuum field and the driving field are assumed different. The quadrature components of the first and the second harmonics of the scattered intensity are examined in detail. Asymmetry in the spectrum due to non-zero atomic de-tuning, additional Lorentzian/dispersive profile due to all harmonics of squeezed vacuum detuning in the monochromatic case, the ringing phenomenon in the spectrum due to the frequency modulation of the bichromatic field and its variation with squeezed vacuum detuning harmonics (up to second odd and even harmonics) and the sensitivity of the spectrum in general to the squeezed vacuum phase are analyzed in detail.

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