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A Novel Serially Grafted Polymer Optical Waveguide
Takayuki Matsui, Kyoji Komatsu, Okihiro Sugihara and Toshikuni Kaino

Simple and economical fabrication process of a serially grafted optical waveguide have been proposed and demonstrated. A cladding layer with waveguide core groove is fabricated by microtransfer molding (µTM). An epoxy resin solution is spin-coated onto the cladding before selective photo exposure to form a transparent waveguide core. An optical functional polymer solution is then spin-coated to form a serially grafted waveguide structure. Thus, two types of polymer are filled in the groove to realize a monolithically integrated waveguide. In addition, adopting a directed evaporation-induced self-assembly (DEISA) method, we have realized the serial graft of opal-based photonic crystals and passive optical waveguide.

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