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Improved Performance of Organic Nano-composite Solar Cells with Reverse Biased Annealing
Ajay K. Pandey, H. Wang, C.C. Oey, A.B. Djurisic, M.H. Xie, Y.H. Leung, K.K.Y. Man, W.K. Chan, P.C. Chui and J.M. Nunzi

Hybrid organic solar cells using MEH-PPV and nano-porous TiO2 were made and characterized under standard AM 1.5 G solar illumination. Current-voltage characteristics of as fabricated devices show strong signature of counter diode formation and were less efficient (0.001%). Reverse biased annealing was performed on the fabricated cells as a post treatment. origin of the counter diode was investigated by illuminating the cells through UV cut filter (475 nm). Treated devices deliver increased open circuit voltage and short circuit current density values leading to overall increase in cell performance (0.13%). Cells illuminated in combination with UV-cut filter show better performance with no to little appearance of counter diode behavior.

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