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One-step Method of Producing Uniaxially Oriented Layers of Organic Discotic Molecules for Field-Effect Transistors
P. Miskiewicz, A. Rybak, J. Jung, I. Glowacki, W. Maniukiewicz, A. Tracz, J. Pfleger, J. Ulanski and K. Mullen

Highly oriented layers of organic semiconductors: hexa-benzocoronene (p-type) andperylene derivative (n-type) were obtained by the zone-casting technique – a one step method of producing highly aligned layers of solution processible organic materials with no need of use of any preoriented surface. Orientation was confirmed by X-ray diffraction, optical and atomic force microscopy observations and charge carrier transport anisotropy. First field effect transistor based on the zone-cast layer is presented.

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