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Maleic Anhydride Copolymers with Ability to Bind Metal Ions: II. Aromatic Amine Derivates from Removal of Cr (III) Ions
Ana Maria Albu, Mihaela Mocioi, Carmencita Doina Mateescu, Georgeta Voicu and Doriana Nicoleta Stanciu

New polymeric chelating structures derived from maleic anhydridedicyclopentadiene copolymer (MA-DCPD) were synthesized by chemical modifications with p-amino-benzoic acid (pABA) and p-amino-phenylacetic acid (pAPA). Both amide and imides forms of these new polymers have tested in the retention process of Cr (III) ions. The thermal properties of modified polymers and polychelates were also examined using the analytical solution of chromium ions. Based on these experimental results and literature data we discuss a possible binding mechanism and we suggest the polychelate structures.

Keywords: Polymer-metal complexes, wastewaters, Cr (III) removal, chelator.

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