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New Data Acquisition and Processing Methods for Resistive Sensors in Pedometric Measurement Systems
Sever Pasca, Rodica Strungaru, Anghel Constantin and Georgeta Capris

This paper summarizes our work and our knowledge about the interface for the signal conditioning and acquisition device using resistive force sensors. The recording system was developed within the “CALORCRO” project (CEEX 1st Module, 2005), the main effort being focused on the walking consumption computation from the measured vertical ground reaction force. A portable electronic system was developed, which allows the acquisition, storing and transmission of the data from ten force sensors mounted in an “overshoe” holder. We propose a new approach for the signal conditioner design and for the time synchronization of the multiple data multiplexed channels. The equipment allows to establish certain analysis parameters specific to the walking gait, to calculate the energy consumption during walking and to extract the walking cycle diagram.

Keywords: Walking analysis, walking cycle diagram, energy consumption, resistive force sensor, data acquisitions, “overshoe” holder.

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