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Investigation on Growth and Properties of 2-Aminopyridinium Maleate: An Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystal
L. Mariappan, S. Devashankar, M. Rathnakumari and P. Sureshkumar

Single crystal of 2-Aminopyridinium maleate has been grown by solvent evaporation method at room temperature. The grown crystals were subjected to single crystal X-ray diffraction and powder X-ray diffraction studies to examine their structural properties. The surface morphology and facets of the as grown crystal were studied by contact goniometry. In order to determine the optical transmittance, UV-Visible absorption studies were carried out. The chemical composition of the synthesized compound was confirmed by CHN analysis. Thermal studies reveal that the material is stable up to 149.8°C. The laser second harmonic generation intensity of 2-Aminopyridinium maleate crystal was found to be 1.5 times higher than that of the reference KDP sample.

Keywords: Nonlinear optical crystal, 2-Aminopyridinium maleate, X-ray diffraction, Thermal Analysis, Morphology, Second harmonic generation.

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