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Optical Add Drop Multiplexers with UW-DWDM Technique in Metro Optical Access Communication Networks
Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed, Mohammed M.E. EL-Halawany, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed and Mohamoud M.A. Eid

In the present paper, optical add drop multiplexers (OADMs) with ultra wide dense wavelength division (UW-DWDM) multiplexing technique in metro optical communication networks have been modeled and parametrically investigated over wide range of the affecting parameters. Moreover, we have analyzed the flexible configuration changes as well as higher capacity and maximum possible transmission bit rates. Also in the same way, we have developed OADMs, which are capable of dealing with one to several channels arbitrarily selected. Finally, the performance characteristics of the OADMs are taken as the major interest in optical access ring networks to handle maximum transmission bit rates for the maximum supported users.

Keywords: Access optical networks, OADMs, optical amplifier (OA), SMF, UW-DWDM, and metro access network.

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