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Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization of an Organic NLO Material: 2-Aminopyridinium 4-Methylbenzoate Dihydrate
K. Russel Raj and P. Murugakoothan

A novel organic optical nonlinear 2-aminopyridinium 4-methylbenzoate dihydrate (2A4M) was synthesized and crystals were grown from aqueous solution. The solubility and metastable zone width of as grown 2A4M crystals were studied. Single crystal X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform infrared spectral analyses were carried out to confirm 2A4M crystals. The transmittance of 2A4M crystal has been used to calculate the optical band gap of the crystal. The dielectric response and mechanical behavior of the crystals were investigated and reported. The second harmonic conversion efficiency of 2A4M was determined using the Kurtz Perry powder technique, and the second harmonic generation is found to be 5.86 times higher than that of KDP. The laser damage threshold energy density was found to be 6.1 GW/cm2.

Keywords: A1. Single crystal growth; a2. morphology; b2. nonlinear optic materials.

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