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Zero-Absorption Isolines and Probe Spectra of Non-Autonomous Bloch Equations
S.S. Hassan and R.A. Alharbey

We investigate the absorption-dispersion spectra of a weak signal field probing a system of 2-level atom coherently driven by a non-resonant mono- or bi-chromatic laser field of arbitrary strength and damped by a non-resonant squeezed vacuum radiation reservoir. In particular, we utilize our iterative analytic solutions of the non-autonomous model Bloch equations to obtain computationally the zero-absorption isolines in the (Δ, Ω)-plane at resonant or Rabi-side probe field frequency (Δ = atomic frequency detuning, Ω = Rabi frequency of the driving field). By product, the accompanied regions of finite or steep variation dispersion are identified.

Keywords: Zero-absorption isolines, absorption-dispersion spectra, squeezed vacuum, mono- and bi- chromatic driving fields.

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