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Emission of Superpositional State of Resonance Photon by Motionless Two-Level Atom Trapped in One-Dimensional Super-Finesse Nanocavity with a Single Resonance Decaying Linearly Polarized Mode
Vladislav F. Cheltsov

The results of theoretical analysis of spontaneous electro-dipolar resonance emission from motionless two-level atom trapped in one-dimensional super-finesse nanocavity with a single linearly polarized resonance mode and photon leakage rate much less the electro dipolar coupling constant between mode and atom are presented. It has been shown that the strongly coupled system emits the superpositional state of photon, consisting of two components, oscillating anti-phases, with conserving total energy, impulse and zero projection of total spin onto polarization plane.

Keywords: Superposional, resonance photon, linearly polarized mode, superfinesse nanocavity, beatings, disintegration, photon components.

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