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François Kajzar

As already mentioned in the Foreword, this special issue of Nonlinear Optics Quantum Optics journal is dedicated to François Kajzar for his 70th anniversary. We would like to acknowledge cordially the contributors: colleagues and friends of François for contributing to it. Most of the contributing papers were presented at IWNBP meeting in Biarritz, dedicated to François, while some of them were written specially. We note that also sessions dedicated to the François celebration were organized by his Polish Friends within the Workshop on Organic Electronics and Nanophotonics (WOREN), held in Zlockie, Poland, February 17-21, 2013 and by Romanian Friends during the 2nd International Workshop on Nano, Advanced and Bio-Materials and their Device Applications (NABM) held in Sibiu, Romania, September 15 – 19, 2010…

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