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Effect of Molar Ratio of PVP/AgNO3 and Molecular Weight of PVP on the Synthesis of Silver Nanowires
Gökçenur Sağam, İsmail Borazan, H. Levent Hoşgun, Ali Demir and Ayşe Çelik Bedeloğlu

In this paper, the effect of different parameters including the molar ratio of PVP/AgNO3 and the molecular weight of PVP on the silver nanowires synthesized by polyol method was investigated. The polyol method was performed in the presence of glycerol to obtain silver nanowires with optimum shape and therefore, experiments were repeated using different molecular weights of PVP and aspect ratios of PVP/AgNO3. Optical, structural and morphological characterizations were carried out to understand the effect of parameters on formation of silver nanowires. The results indicated that both molar ratio and molecular weight have influence on silver nanowire synthesis reaction. Silver nanowires with desired shape and high aspect ratio were obtained when PVP with low molecular weight and low molar ratio of PVP/AgNO3 were used .

Keywords: silver nanowire, polyvinylpyrrolidone, silver nitrate, polyol synthesis, molar ratio, glycerol, solar cell

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