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Two-Photon-Initiated Photopolymerization: Aspects of Materials and 3D Microfabrication
Ran Hee Kim, Prem Prabhakaran and Kwang-Sup Lee

Two-photon absorption, a third-order phenomenon of nonlinear optics, has received considerable attention from both academic and industrial communities. Extensive studies on organic two-photon absorbents have led to meaningful correlations between structures and the development of efficient two-photon absorption material based on two-photon properties has been accelerated. This short review article focuses on two major areas, two-photon absorption chromophores and 3D microfabrication employing two-photon photopolymerization techniques: (i) design and control of two-photon absorption performances with respect to their molecular geometry and (ii) achievement of various 3D micro-mechanical and photonic systems fabricated by two-photon stereolithography.

Keywords: Two-photon absorption, centrosymmetric, quadrupolar, pi-conjugation, 3D micro-mechanical systems, two-photon polymerization

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