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Semiconductor Lighting and Current Conversion Control Based on BOOST Drive Conversion
Chunxiang Xu and Haitao Xu

Semiconductor lighting driver has a great impact on its performance. In order to obtain a more efficient driving system based on BOOST drive conversion, this paper first gave a brief introduction to BOOST drive conversion and developed a new high-gain BOOST converter by combining secondary BOOST with switched capacitor unit. The driving system had a high voltage gain without increasing the loss of switches and diodes, and then the peak current control mode was selected to control the switching current in the control unit. The whole drive system was tested. It was found that the converter could stabilize the output voltage at – 40 V in a very short time when the input voltage was 220 V, suggesting good ability to resist the input voltage disturbance and load disturbance, the current change was also stable, and the response speed was high. The results shows that the high-gain BOOST converter designed in this study has good current conversion control ability and good application value in semiconductor lighting.

Keywords: BOOST drive, semiconductor lighting, voltage gain, peak current control mode

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