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Comparative Study of Spare Capacity Optimization In Capacity and Power Efficient Pre-Configured Cycle By Using  the Joint Capacity Optimization Technique
Prerana Singh, Rachna Asthana and Manojmar Shukla

With the quick and fast advancement in optical network raise the power consumption issue in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Development of power-efficient solutions like energy efficient designs of network, less power consuming protocols etc in telecom networks have become very necessary for achieving the reduction in acute power consumption of the globe happening due to ICT equipment. As per noting of the power consumption scrutinizers, the Optical networks have been reported as dominant contributor in the overall power consumption as it carries the huge amount of data onto the various networks. The failure of network of minute results as a huge loss of data. To overcome the issue of power consumption it is also necessary to look into the usage of redundant resources of the network. However, these redundant resources are also a large scale donor in overall power consumption. From the above discussion, it is evident that there is an urgent need to consider minimizing power consumption of optical networks and assuring survivability of network at the same time. To protect an optical network the concept of p-Cycles (Pre-Configured Cycles) are one of the advancing technique. Unlike dedicated protection techniques, the p-Cycles have combined advantage of fast restoration speed and efficiency in addition to other benefits. For more number of p-cycle the network solution takes more resolving time. Therefore a new heuristic was developed to resolve the NP hard problem. Such type of p-cycles is called as power efficient pre configured cycle (PEP-cycle).

In this paper, a comparative study about the optimized value of spare has been performed along with calculation of value related to power of the network by using joint capacity optimization model. The simulation results demonstrate that application of p-cycle with applied algorithm may result in saving of huge power in optical networks.

Keywords: Capacity efficient pre configured cycle (CEP-cycle),Power efficient pre configured cycle (PEP-cycle), green networking, NP hard

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